Wednesday, July 30

Nas vs. Fox

No, it's not a remix. This is in reference to this saga currently unfolding in the US. Now, regardless of Nas' quality as a rapper with a penchant for shitty beats in recent times and a flair for opportunistic publicity, going up against Fox - and in particular Bill O'Reilly - must be commended.
O'Reilly is a hateful fucker; everything that is wrong with the narrow-minded, ill-informed, blinkered, knee-jerk reacting Republican side of the US. I get sick of people bitching and moaning in general about Americans, when what they mean is either a) Fat, idiotic, loud American tourists in Ireland or b) the ten or eleven Americans they've met in their lives, five of which were loud and annoying. America has given us some of the greatest, if not the greatest, films, music, television and books the world has ever seen. True they have also given us the most heinous war criminals, covert missions of death, lies, Christian fundamentalism and a host of other horrific shit but I really like Curb Your Enthusiasm so I'll overlook those for the moment.
The Yanks do stand out and it is fine to bitch about them when you see a gaggle of them on the streets, cameras resting on their humungous stomachs, gaping at the spire on O'Connell street like it was the world's biggest piece of good ol' beef jerky and they were hungry as those starving pigs in Hannibal. But these people are not 'all Americans' and the horrifically racist Irish public (that's another post altogether) need to try and remember this in the long term. Anyway, back to O'Reilly. He's a cunt.
It's funny that people like him exist out there. People who I know I disagree with on pretty much everything ever, without even hearing their opinions on most of it. And vice versa. And whatever my opinions on Nas, a talented rapper who has made some mistakes, if he is making a public stand against Fox/O'Reilly in the States, then I am all for it. I would have preferred it to have been Jay-Z, Method Man, Gza or Andre 3000 but anyway, that's just a rap thing.


Anonymous said...

"Vile rapper" vs vile little man.

It's like you said, woulda preferred to see the luminary brains of hip hop set the record straight but fair play indeed to Nas for being the only one brave enough to raise his voice.

I hate Fox and CBS. They're so...ick! American!

mercuroman said...

I do hate O'Reilly but I don't actually think he believes half of the stuff he says. I think he's a very smart man who has exploited the view of the right side of America to get where he is. I think you would end up dead if you tried to poison him at dinner like they tried to do in Norman Arbuthnot in the Last Supper - you can learn a lot from the movies

Anonymous said...

I still don't know if he believes it all or not. His Letterman appearance was the only time I have seen him outside his show and he seemed very similar indeed. Letterman got him good though a few times. We do need people like him in the world though, just to keep us all in check. I couldn't live in a world solely made up of self-righteouos liberals like myself.

Anonymous said...

"I couldn't live in a world solely made up of self-righteouos liberals like myself."

Yeah that'd be a tall order. Who would look after our complexes?

In a not-really related topic, Obama rejects Ludacris' Politics As Usual:

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