Tuesday, July 29


Just from flicking around the usual places today (and a few unusual ones) I would like to note that if I had 140 comments on a fucking post, I don't care how egomaniacal it might be, I would be absolutely delighted. Very uncool of me.
I think for those of us that have not been blogging for years and years, we want as many people as possible reading/enjoying/hating the stuff we write, don't we?
Of course you write for yourself as a starting point but who doesn't want others to take a peek? Goes for anyone who writes I suppose...no matter what the medium may be. 140 comments? Jaysus. And even that's not much compared to the stuff written after Charlie Brooker had his 9/11 piece put in the Comment is Free section of the Guardian.


Anonymous said...

As a new blogger I'm drawn to say 'well said'.

Anonymous said...

Word up, G.