Tuesday, September 22


Gonna try out wordpress for a wee while so follow me over using this link:

There Will Be Blog Wordpress

If I decide to change back,you'll be the first to know.

Thursday, September 10

Ya wha'?

Been a while, eh?
Just thought I'd pop my head in the door, turn the lights on (burglars are terrified of illumination), bring in the plastic bag of baked beans inexplicably left behind the front wheel of the car in the driveway and make sure everything is generally ok.
It seems that a few curious heads have been poking around here already and some have even asked where I'd gone (specifically Patrick McCarry, whose Moonshine Travellers play is on in the Sugar Club this month and who wants to use this blog as a vehicle for his ego...well there you go, Paddy. Happy?)
Since I was last here, I've been to Berlin, lost a day's work every week, failed to get my laptop back and working, missed the Electric Picnic, written fuck all and achieved little.
Life in the fast lane, eh?
But let's not dwell on life's lack of fulfillment.
In the pipeline are gigs from Times New Viking, the Jesus Lizard and the fooking Rza. Yep, the Rza is coming to Dublin next month. Unreal.
Tomorrow is the birthday of the better half so I would like to wish her a very happy one and hope that she likes/liked the pressie I got for her. Horses are not cheap.
And after this brief hello, I'm going to go and watch that dude on Channel 4 who went barmy after a few weeks alone in the inhospitable wilderness and started conversing with flora and fauna alike.
A couple of weeks?
He's never been to Offaly in the dead of winter where it's so cold you can only go outside if you're on fire and have consumed a half bottle of brandy.
Back soon.