Tuesday, July 29

100 posts all over your face

Tis the 100th post (of sorts) of There Will Be Blog and allow me to raise a glass to my reader(s). In the last few months, I have regular blogs I dip into, I've met a few peeps here and there and all in all, despite the jaded outlook of a few other blogs out there that I have stumbled across, I'm still new enough to all this to just enjoy it and have a bit of craic with it. I have perused various blogrolls, lamented the lack of There Will Be Blog on some, shouted 'huzzah' at the presence of it on others, posted plentifully and not so plentifully, had comments a-plenty and comments a-fuckall. As a celebration, I will be making a There Will Be Blog 100 post compilation soon and it'll be stuck up on rapidshare for download. It's been emotional and long may I continue to enjoy it. It's weird though. It starts to occupy a large part of your time as you wonder whether or not to blog on certain things, feel guilty about not blogging, write, re-write, comment, reply. Anyway, it's cool to have a place to ramble and rant so this drink is for anyone of you that have read this. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Yay, mixtape!

Congrats on reaching triple digits.

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