Saturday, August 2


The older I get, the more insidious and creeping my hangovers become.
Back in college, you could roll out of your bed, onto the floor, curse at your pants that lie crumpled on the ground with your shoes at the end as if you literally jumped out of them, bungle your way downstairs and into the fridge (with a quick recess to spew your guts out) and have a hangover shaken off in a few hours.
Those were the days. But now?
Now it's like being woken up by a shadowy troll who shakes you awake, forces your eyes open, pries your lips apart and takes a vile troll-dump in your mouth. Then he takes you by the hand and leads you to the kitchen, saying: "Here, water will help you. Yes, yes, drink it all". Then he pokes and prods at you and hits you in the head sporadically, makes sure you are uncomfortable and turns up the telly that bit too loud. It's not right.
That said I'm actually not feeling too bad this morning after a relatively tame scatter of pints last night in the not-quite-as-urinal-cake-smelling-as-usual Long Hall. And is it slander if I say that those Charlie's fast food Chinese places are hell on earth and I never want to be in one again. Christ.

If you are looking for a few things to divert yourself today, might i suggest this little nugget, sent to me by a mate. Get your conspiracy theory cap on.
This ad will take you back...

And finally , you could listen to this track from the excellent Frightened Rabbit who are over here in a few months.
frightened rabbit - music now.mp3

Have a good 'un.


Anonymous said...

That (Milk) ad is from when he was an adult, when he was a child star he did:

Anonymous said...

that vid's not working. is it the 'hello tosh gotta toshiba' ad?

ctrl/alt/delete said...

may i recommend this for a hangover

(sorry about the cheap plug)

Anonymous said...

Yea its the Toshiba ad, hes not fully developed in it but fair play he did well. I remember hangovers, thank fuck I got out when I did, it was bad enough then

Anonymous said...

them bones them bones need calcium!

Gardenhead said...

I fucking love frightened rabbit. How come when scots get all confessional, it makes for beautifully stark, brutal listening yet when we do, it makes for Damien Fucking Rice?

Anonymous said...

Ah that took me back... I still refuse to drink milk tho! :P