Sunday, August 3

Vivian Girls

For those who don't browse the old music blogs all the time, there is a 'new big deal' band floating around out there called Vivian Girls. I'll let Stereogum tell you about them and give you a listen to their excellent Where Do you Run To track from the forthcoming album reissue. It's the kind of music that reminds me of UCG (as NUIG was then known) and being out in Liquid nightclub in Salthill drinking shitty, cheap Black Russians and dancing to The Pixies and the fucking Smiths in the upstairs section. Everyone who liked 'alternative' music was there and it was fucking great. Does anyone sneak naggins into nightclubs anymore? Anyway, this song and the ones on their myspace remind me of those days. If you were in college anytime after 1995, I hope you understand what I mean.
Lo fi and all-girl: what a combination
(Note to reader: if this lot are all over the papers in the next while, then feel free to say you heard it here first (ahem) even though I heard it from massive music blogs GorillavsBear and Sterogum. There will be a financial reward for most shameless namedrop of There will Be Blog because I'm a whore. Nice.)


Anonymous said...

Looks like Renmore in the background. My students tell me they drink champagne cocktails when out so I doubt theres naggins afoot. They had never heard of Royal Dutch (not even johnny come later Dutch Gold) so fuckem.

Adam said...

yeah the posh bastads. Bet they don't wrestle in the front garden after too much Buckie.Not like real men-students

Anonymous said...

As I remember it it was wrestling while drinking Buckie, then a naggin relay from the salthill boi atm to liquid, racing the door girl to get there before 11 and the end of free entry. That is literally the only thing I can remember from between 1995 and end 1997 after 6pm daily