Sunday, January 4

Vouchers to spend?

I've meant to put this up for a while. I have a recommendation for anyone out there with vouchers burning a hole in their pocket or someone who needs new headphones. These are the badboys to get: The Sennheiser PX100 headphones.

I've used them for years and, despite no cheque from Sennheiser, think that anyone out there who is looking to get a decent set of headphones should definitely snaffle a pair. They even come with a little sturdy case that they fold into. Very handy for the oul' holidays where you inevitably stand on them in the dusky half-light after a skinful of questionably legal cocktails and a skin-blistering session in the sun. They're about 50 quid in Tower - which is dear-ish I suppose if you're used to getting those pink gel bud ones for a tenner - but you'll get them for half that on eBay.
I was reminded about doing this post last night when someone told me my headphones looked like something from the 80s. That's endorsement enough, methinks. Everyone loves the 80s. Reagan, Cold War, Predator. Hilarious stuff.
Now go get all the albums on my end-of-year list and listen to 'em on these. Do it.


Anonymous said...

Actually bought them for my girlfriend last month, they're class

Thanks for the Efterklang recommendation, reminds me alot of Sufjan Stevens but epic'r

Adam said...

No problem. Have you not heard Efterklang before though?
Get their album Tripper - it's fucking incredible.

Anonymous said...

Will do, lets just say im playing catch-up

ctrl/alt/delete said...

Had a pair of the px100 for quite a while ,recently upgraded to the px200 and they really are much better, padded leather ear cushions much more comfortable then the foam , and sound is much much fuller, cost about 70 blips but really worth it

Adam said...

Ah, the foam reminds me of the old orangey headphones though. Better sound you say? I may take the plunge next time so. Saw the noise-cancelling ones too for about 180 snots. Jaysus, they'd want to give you a bit if a cuddle too for that price.

Anonymous said...

efterklang are finally doing a dvd to release. woop! along with their 3rd album. still one of the best live bands i've ever seen (though analog performance was kinda poor)

Adam said...

great news indeed. i still enjoyed the analogue gig but because their previous two were so mind-blowing, the bar had been set waaaay too high for them.

Anonymous said...


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