Thursday, January 8

Robot(leg)s in Disguise

It's weird what you stumble across if you ever click that 'next blog' tab at the top of the page..

I would link to the blog but I can't find it now. Sorry, random blogger.
I want this freaky thing just for walking around the streets, never mind the stairs. I wonder if you can programme in co-ordinates and then just set it to walk you anywhere at all. You could sleep in it and then set it to walk you to work on time. Take that, pollution. Maybe they've developed a torso one aswell so you could become a Transformer or, at the very least, a Zoid. Remember Zoids?
And as for playing football in it.....ok I'll stop now.


Anonymous said...

I actually LOL'd!!!

Adam said...

I can't blame you. I ROFLd then LOLd then wept quietly in the corner filled with a mixture of sadness, shame and robodesire.