Thursday, September 4

Syriana's script vs. The Script

So now in the middle of Syriana on RTE, I am subjected to an item on The Script recording their new video. Because they have the financial clout of Sony behind them, they warrant a place on the national news as they commit the video for their new heinous aural atrocity to film? As Eddie in Bottom once pointed out, I would rather have a pineapple inserted violently into my rectum.
What a load of cock. Yes, they are easy targets and slagging them off is as obvious as saying 'red bull coke tastes like metal vomit' or 'the tyrannosaurus rex had small arms' but why does this need to be on the news; even as a late night 'squirrel in a miniature speedboat' moment?
And in the middle of Syriana too? Clooney's finest moment and a wonderful film that demands a second and third viewing. A film that never panders to the viewer, never spells things out and has Matt Damon explain, in one succinct delivery, the reason why war happens in the Middle East. Brilliant stuff.
In other news - and news that by now is old and boring - State mag is going free from next month. The blog buzz around this today has been interesting as people banged on about, among other things, journos at State having to take a possible paycut. Poor them. I work a day job for wages and do my Drop-d/Connected/and soon Analogue work for nada but the love and respeck, so I'm afraid I don't have sympathy for any paycuts.
Yes, yes that's bitterness, of course.
I dream of the day that hard cash is included as one of my motivations for doing all that writing.
Hard cash and love: two wonderful components vying for top spot...some day.
Actually Film Ireland pay me (God bless the movies) so there is a positive.


ctrl/alt/delete said...

was there a squirrel in a miniature speedboat on the news and i missed it? damn

Adam said...

Yeah man. And it was naked. Pure naked. Ask and it shall be delivered, my friend.

ctrl/alt/delete said...

naked as well , they only thing that could top that would be if it jumped over some sharks like a mini fonzi

Gardenhead said...

Redbull Cola? Metal Vomit? I've been subsisting on the stuff since it came out. I'm dead fond of synthetic tasting shite, me.

Adam said...

Redbull Cola could become to the blogging community what prescription cough syrup is to crunk superstars from Da Durty South.

Anonymous said...

Movie Star maths time - Clooney (x pasta) + beard - hair dye = Oscar.