Tuesday, September 9

Bury boys bury Burial

I couldn't resist that headline; it's the sub editor in me.
And I also couldn't be happier that Elbow have won the Mercury.
They're easily one of my favourite bands and Guy Garvey is one of the greatest frontmen around (Jeff Tweedy is up there too) with a witty, warm stage presence and beautifully honest lyricism.
They've had their ups and downs - with various label changes and a lack of commercial success - and until recently haven't been nearly as big as they might be, although they did have One Day Like This featured in the final Big Brother highlights wrap-up bit last week and they've now won a famous prize..
After a gripping, butterflies-in-the-stomach Electric Picnic performance, they return to us in October and I cannot wait.
I should be a little more reserved about them, maybe, given my girlfriend's open love for Mr Garvey (I received this message from her when I said I was blogging about Elbow: 'How sad you'll be when I run away with Guy. Even more so now he's been propelled to megastar status) but when they are this good, I'll just have to live with that threat..

Station Approach - Elbow

Newborn - Elbow


Anonymous said...

As long as you're not responsible for any of the "Kim Jong Ill" headlines floating round this morning, you're forgiven.

I'm bloody chuffed for Elbow. Best Mercury pick for years.

Adam said...

Haha, if only I was responsible..classic.

robertcullen said...

I love Seldom Seen Kid so I wanted either Elbow or Laura Marling to win. And when Laura didn't win I wanted to console her and make sweet melancholic love to her. I would also have suggested a threesome with Estelle.

Adam said...

I think you have been taking creepo lessons from the great Andrew, Rob. He might have replaced Estelle with Missy Elliot though.