Wednesday, June 11


I'm off down home to Galway for a day or two and then to Tipperary for my uncle's 40th birthday celebrations which will involve archery and shotguns apparently. It's been a while since I made it home to the West and when I've spoken to my mother on the phone - less often than I should - I know she wishes I kept in touch a little more.
Not that she reads this or anything but Mam, I'm sorry, I'll be home soon ok and I know it's Fathers Day on Sunday so I'll get him a card. Yes. Ok. I said I'll get it. I won't forget. What? I did refill the kettle after I used it.
I will also get a chance to roam the wet, poorly-maintained streets that are mostly laden with bongo drummers, jugglers, dogs on strings, dole-bludgers, crusties, comedians, rockers, fishermen and Denis the Wino and I'm looking forward to having a pint in a few of the pubs I just do not get to anymore. Sometimes it's nice to return home.
In music land, Sun Kil Moon are/is back later in the year which is great news. Kozelek's last gig was marvellous, made all the better for his cranky comments to snap-happy audience members as they persisted in sticking a camera in his face during every song. Prince cancelled his gig (Sorry but I couldn't give a shit), Bonnie Prince Billy is on Sunday (Woohoo) and other than that I've not seen a whole lot that catches my eye besides the big upcoming Neil Young, Iggy, Cohen, Waits gigs. I'm gonna miss most of Future Days (and also the Fleet Foxes/Beach House gig) unfortunately but if I was staying around, Matmos tomorrow night and Low on Friday (I put a link to a performance of Two Step by them because their Village rendition of this song was one of the most haunting experiences of my gig-going life)would be must-sees. Don't waste your time by not going, go get tix now. I've just got my hands on the recent Silver Jews album and have been giving Mudhoney's excellent new album a decent listen. Filmwise, I know Gone Baby Gone is out. I saw it a while back and it's excellent, if a little much toward the end. Read an interview with the hyper-talented Casey Affleck in Esquire recently and he's a proper weirdo. Great actor though. Proper blogging should resume soon as the connection seems to be ok at the moment. We'll see how long that lasts.


Anonymous said...

dags surely?

Adam said...

Thanks Cha-nonymous. Dags indeed. Tek-t-eesay hah?

Anonymous said...

Is that pic of he who was the bomb in Phantoms and his bro or just an loosely related Ben-comes-out-shock pic?