Thursday, June 12

Depresso dag

Chirpa looking particularly forlorn as he watches me bugger off out the door.i presume he's thinking: 'who will clean up my crap and urine?who will give out to me for wrecking the gaff?' well it's never me anyway so no worries..


Gardenhead said...

I've reported you to the ISPCA Adam. That dog will hopefully find a new, more caring owner. You filthy cruellist.

Adam said...

And you should see what I do to him when I AM there. Out comes the video camera. Some would say it's wrong, but the documentary 'Zoo' would show you the beauty of love between man and beast. It would show you gooooood.

Gardenhead said...

shit i didn't know you guys had such a loving relationship. Keep it on the hush, hush but do you and Chirpa want to come over for a 'DVD night' with me and Fido, and our lovely neighbours and their mutt rex? Bring a set of car keys.