Sunday, February 1

Attack of my clone

I have been informed - thanks to Godsend being on the TV - that if I died, my girlfriend would clone me.
Not just clone me.
Splice me with a helper monkey, apparently.
All the advantages of me, with the added bonus of obedience and a willingness to be at beck-and-call 24-hours a day.
A little like Mojo, pictured above with Homer.
Can't argue with that really.


Gardenhead said...

but the bedroom, would you look more like rugged lumberjack of her dreams...Adam or like a monkey? Surely that's important.

Adam said...

Well, in the event of my demise, I think she might enjoy the experimentation of it all. We've all enjoyed the Blue Planet series and, to a lesser extent, the film Congo. Why not go all King Kong in the boudoire?
Also, I'm dedicating the next hunk of the week to you. It's the teacher off the new 90210. I guarantee you will approve.

Niamh said...

pray... for... mo... jo..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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