Saturday, December 6

Epic noisemongery

This track is from Flannel Graduate, a Japanese tour-only CD-R that sold out during No Age's tour with Zach Hill from Hella.
There are three tracks, two of which are only seconds long.
The third track, California Bird Dudes, comes in at over twenty minutes long, featuring Zach and Dean Spunt's drumming chaos, Randy's feedback and guitar squall, incomprehensible vocal bits, drum loops and washed out noise.
This track sounds like it would fit in better with any of the bands that Zach Hill drums for, rather than on a No Age record.

For those who like noise; get yer lugs around this badboy.


Anonymous said...

Like that idea of an cd/ep with two baby tracks and one mammoth one

Gardenhead said...

Who's the sexy ten-year-old in the no age t shirt?

Adam said...

Hands off. You can't have them all, you have to leave some for the rest of us.