Thursday, October 9

In brief...

*Got a horse and carriage home from a massive Dame Street session at the weekend. I highly recommend it. I fully expected to be held up by a highwayman or, at the very least, Adam Ant.

*How are these Obama vs. McCain debates being touted in the media as 'having no clear winner'? It's Obama every time. Seriously. Am I just biased? Probably.

*Plastic Little in Whelans last night: excellent. Check them out. Bringing a nice dose of non-po-facedness and scatalogical humour to Wexford Street, or as I call it, Camden Street.

*I have taken to drinking red wine lately and have so far destroyed most of my favourite t-shirts, most notable my Why? t-shirt. At the moment it looks like I was shot in the chest while in a nightclub of disrepute.

*Those people that do the keyrings for a fiver in clubs? Genius idea. Collect one of yourself with every friend you have and then attach them all to your keyring to avoid awkward questions.


Anonymous said...

Reactions to In brief, in brief

Echelon wants you for toss fodder:

Paul Merton gets monged with naked lifting rocks with cocks Shiva worshipping fellow random guru disciples: channel 5 on demand online paul merton in india last night.

Obama needs to run an ad about McCain calling his wife a cunt :

C4 reports debates as even, Huff post for Obama (no surprise), Rep on Newsnight last night give both credit, almost in a kind of hedging bets kinda way. strange.

Kathy Bates played a maid, the murder victim, in an episode of Murder She Wrote I saw recently but isnt mentioned in the list of guest stars on Wikipedia.

I dont get that key ring reference

Anonymous said...

The key rings are where they take a photo of you and whoever with a digital camera in the club and come back 5 minutes later with a keyring made out of it. Lots of fun hah? hah? yeah.

red said...

It's obama everytime for me too. clearly.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Im missing a lot not going to nightclubs. Just got warning letter from tv licence people, the got my info cause i got a tv from amazon a while back, in argos they wont sell you tv or freeview box without giving your postcode, do they do anything like that at home?
Check out the merton thing if you can lakes stuff