Tuesday, October 21

Dead Set

Charlie Brooker is a God of sorts.
If you haven't caught the ads yet, there is a new 5-part horror series, devised by him, about to launch on Monday the 27th of this month and running until the 31st. It's a zombie series set in and around the Big Brother house and sounds like it's going to be alot of fun. First episode is over an hour with four follow-up episodes of about 35 mins. The whole lot is also meant to be out on DVD in early November this year too, in case you ain't got E4.
Read about it all here in an interview with Mr Brooker


ctrl/alt/delete said...

new series of screenwipe in November as well

Anonymous said...

Ahh I had no idea this was Brooker! Saw the promo for it last night and it looks very promising.

Anonymous said...

Ste - Great news. I've missed loads of Screenwipe in the past, unfortunately. He's a legend.

Catherine - Yeah, he's a major zombie fan so it should be a quality bit of work. Great premise.