Thursday, May 1

Phosphorescent - Wolves

I've been kicking myself for missing Phosphorescent, who did an early show in Whelans last week on the same night as Why?
Phosphorescent is Matthew Houck from Atlanta, Georgia and toward the end of last year, the album Pride was released - I have only recently stumbled across it. If you have heard it already, that's great but if not, then this is one of the standout tracks. The Will Oldham comparisons are fair, but Houck brings his own slant too, as he overdubs his voice and layers many instruments on the excellent album. Enjoy.


ctrl/alt/delete said...

missed the gig myself as the wallet wouldn't stretch for Phosphorescent and Why? , pride is an amazing album got it around christmas, i think he sound like a mixture of bonnie prince and animal collective

Adam said...

yeah, that's about right. I completely forgot about the gig. Hoping he comes back soon. Did you hear anything about how it was?

ctrl/alt/delete said...

didn't hear much apart he was great
i heard somewhere that he will be coming back soon though