Sunday, April 20

Memories of the last ever Alternative Nation on MTV, a long time ago

Jeru the Damaja - ya playing yourself

Guided By Voices - bulldog skin

Wesley willis - alanis morrisette

Does anyone remember the programme?


ctrl/alt/delete said...

remember it fondly man, stayig up with a VHS in the recorder to tape the videos.
Toby Amies was a legend.

Adam said...

excellent. had a tape of the full last show for ages, so need to try and find it and transfer it to DVD if possible. Toby was amazing. thank christ for youtube.loads of the videos there if i manage to remember bands.

Gardenhead said...

Bulldog skin, ah 'twas about the only GBV song with a tarted up vid but one of the weakest in their canon. Nice to see uncle Bob though!

Adam said...

I never got listening to much Guided By Voices - waaaaay too many albums to catch up on - but coz of Alternative Nation I always liked this one. Good shouting/singing/warbling in the shower tune. I know you're a GBV fanatic so I'll stop now.