Wednesday, April 22

Goochee Bandunna goochee goochee bandunna

A surreal video and song with clearly no inkling of a global recession from Soulja Boy.
Yet, if I were to hear this in a club - and God willing I do some day - I will absolutely dance to it. Unbelievable shit/genius.
Makes me feel old and detached. Goocheeeeeee bandunna power


Karl said...

a) he said "Gucci bandanna" about twenty four too many times at the start
b) that guy cannot rap at all and Ice T was right to diss him.

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Initially I thought it was gonna turn into some epic super-fast rhyming skills display and he could leave all that Superman shit behind him but he is a talentless oik so that didn't happen.
He's not even rapping either is he?
Abysmal stuff but I have been hearing 'Gucci Bandana' in my head for a few days now on a loop and feel extremely guilty about it. Who the fuck is Gucci Mane too??

Anonymous said...

So shit I'm laughing. We're learning the dance tho! This is Fresh Prince shit yo!

Anonymous said...



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