Wednesday, March 4

The hunt is on....and you're the prey.

Blogger and Wordpress duel it out

What are the differences between (or advantages of having) Blogger and/or Wordpress? And why are we not all on Livejournal? Who invented the word Captcha? Awful word.


Anonymous said...

Bonus points for the faux muskehounds.

I'm all about the Wordpress, I've forgotten what the Blogger interface even looks like now (mercifully). LJ is like, soooooo 1999.

Adam said...

LJ is so '99? I'm gonna start using that. Retro blogging is the new blogging. I'm gonna blog about Urban Cookie Collective and the upcoming millenium.
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Anonymous said...

You truly have both the key and the secret.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance but what does Captcha mean?

Anonymous said...

Captcha - capturing spammers in the spidey-web of justice.

WP for life man - better look, better features, better extras, better better better batter for your fish.