Wednesday, November 26


And also
Dublin - Galway by train at the weekend = 44 euro
Dublin - Belfast by train at the weekend = 55 euro
Both prices = fucked.
Seriously, it's cheaper to fly to Paris.


cha said...

Assbaggery indeed, plan to do some train travel in egypt and I believe the 8hr cairo to luxor 1st class carriage costs about 12£, and you dont have to wait in the edge of dun aongus-esque chill and bluster that is the right hand platform in heuston.
And rourke? hes even allowed wear just a wifebeater on top is post sf cafes, a curtesy not extended to the rest of us.

cha said...

that should be posh not post obviously...

adam said...

12 quid trains? sure that wouldnt even get ye from foxford to swinford hah?

gandalfeeneydawhiterthanwhite said...

Top tip. Get a weekender card dude. Alls you need is 7 schnotts plus a passport photo then weekend trips betwixt Galway & Dublin now only cost you 30 yoyos. Card valid for 1 year. That shit pays for itself yo, like chlamydia it's the gift that keeps on givin'. Ya feel me? ;)